Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring cleaning

Is your phone running slow ? Apps freezing ? Phone restarting out of the blue? These are all signs your device has built a deficiency in memory and old cob webs making your phone  run slower than usual. Droidology recommends doing some spring cleaning on your device with a couple simple steps ...

Step.1 go through your phone and make a list of applications you actually use.

Step.2 Likewise to step1 ,  make a list of applications in your phone that you rarely use. Even if their are nifty applications you have this includes that awesome game you have, however you never play it which means its just wasting space. Oh yea if you have any of those"App killers" or "battery savers" or "virus scanners" get ride of those more than likely they don't contribute to anything positive on your device.

Step.3 BACKUP. Back up any content you may need, this includes pictures,contacts ect...
this isn't a backup tutorial so anyway you have to save  important information do it.

Step.4 FACTORY RESET. This is going to erase EVERYTHING on your device. When the process is done you phone should work like out of the box condition.

Step.5 REVIVE. look at your list you made of applications you use, and download them from the Google play market. Backup your contacts and pictures if needed.

You should now see noticable changes in the speed and performance of your phone.

Energy saving tips: Turn off blue tooth if not being used, Dim the brightness all the way when in doors, turn off wifi if not being used, turn off constant update, also go into settings and turn off ALL background data and auto sync if its not needed at the moment. This should contribute to helping your battery last longer

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