Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's all the fuss about the Galaxy Beam?

The rumored galaxy projector was spotted at this year’s Mobile World Conference. For those of you who have not heard through the grape vine, the mobile giant Samsung is bringing something new to the table for this mid range smart phone of 2012.
Most of the new 2012 flagship devices will sport high end CPU'S, and ICS under the hood.  Unfortunately, the galaxy beam will come out of the box with androids 2.3 Gingerbread OS. This phone will not be produced with the new operating system; users will have to wait for an update to ICS.  The phone sports a 4’’ LCD WVGA display, a primary 8 MP camera with geo tagging, face recognition, blink detection and 720 P video recording. A 1GHZ dual core CPU powers the engine in the “Beam”.  The beam will come with 768 MB of RAM and only 8 Gig of storage, if that turns you away fear not they have included a micro SD slot that maxes out at 32 GB, all wrapped up in its back and yellow bumble bee like design.  Now I know many of you are thinking, "This is a 2012 device???? ". The answer is yes, it sure is a 2012 device, Samsung has a trick up their sleeve with the Beam! You might find on the specs wrap sheet Samsung ships the device with a stock 2000MAH battery, which is no slouch. Samsung’s large battery will support 3 hours of continuous use of ... drum roll please...  A MINI PROJECTOR located at the most superior end or top of the device!

The projector camera has a resolution of 640X360 with the brightness of 50 lumen. For those of you wondering what that gibberish means, don't worry about it because all you need to know is this bad boy works and well at that. The Samsung Galaxy Beam was created for entertainment as well as the business class for things like presentations literally anywhere there is a wall.  In my opinion, Samsung really scored with this one, after all Samsung is quite known for their ideas, concepts and inventions out of left field! Job well done Samsung.

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