Monday, March 19, 2012

Repurpose that old Smart phone

 *re purpose last years cellphone before ditching it!*

After most people get their latest and greatest smartphone when their contract is up, their next move is saying good riddance to their former smartphone, by tossing in the garbage or selling it on Ebay.
That's all well and good however, Droidology wants you to think twice about the opportunities you have to make good use of  your old smartphone. Droidology Has conjured up a list of creative alternatives to re-purpose that old smart phone you have, instead of sending it down the river. First and foremost we want everyone to know a piece of advice that very seldom does anybody know. Whether or not a phone is activated or even DEACTIVATED (key word) ,
every phone still has an emergency radio inside to dial 911, even if the phone is deactivated by your service provider. Also all smartphones which are WIFI capable will STILL have WiFi capabilities even when not activated on a service.

 Lets get started, most importantly coming in at # 1.

 Re-purpose that old smartphone as an Emergency life line to be stored inside of your car, keep a charge on it and even a car charger for the device. So throw that old smartphone in the glove box, who knows it might save someones life one day, maybe even your own.

#2. Load the entire phone to it's maximum storage full of music and use it for the main music player to be connected inside of your car!

#3.Along the same lines , load the old smartphone to its maximum storage with music and keep it inside of the room that everyone gathers. When you have guests over, keep the device plugged in or mounted on any stereo device or speakers. Whether it connects through the headphone jack or if its an Iphone on an Ihome device. The point is let your guests be their own DJ, selecting music from the phones extensive library makes the environment a lot more enjoyable!

#4. Storm device- If your old smart phone has an LED flash on it, and you have the flashlight application installed on your former smartphone, that's good news. Your old smart phone can be kept inside your nightstand, dresser or somewhere close to where you may be at  during the event of a power outage. Save the battery charge on your current phone and use that old smart phone as a flashlight if your ever caught in the dark during a storm.

#5 Download as many cooking applications, baking conversion charts  and as many Applications to be used in the kitchen as possible.The old smart phone can be kept in the kitchen and used to help you cook you next big meal.(also use it as a baking timer in the kitchen)
#6 Likewise, to the cooking advantage if you happen to own a bar, download as many bar tending ,drink mixing and drink creation applications as possible and keep it behind the bar. Watch how many people you can impress with your extensive knowledge on making drinks.

#7.Ladies you can get away with storing your old smartphone inside your purse for its main use being a portable gaming system, when sitting in waiting rooms or just when your board.

#8.Store this by your bed on your dresser or your nightstand. Get creative and make some kind of stand for the old smart phone to rest on. Make sure this always stays plugged in. Go into settings and change your display settings to never sleep or turn off. Change your home screen to a large clock/weather widget and set the alarm clock application on the home screen. use this old smart phone as your nightstand clock and morning wake up alarm.

#9 find a pair of speakers to plug into  the old smart phone. Use it as means to play your music loud when your taking a shower.

#10. Store it by your TV remotes , use the TV guide application. If your phone has streaming technology or HDMI out connect the old smart phone to your TV for entertainment use.

#11.Use the old smart phone at work. Set it on your desk, again get creative and make some kind of stand to rest the phone on. Open  up the photo gallery & set the phone on picture show, use it as a revolving picture frame of all your pictures. Or store it in  your desk to use the dictionary, reminders, or notes for work.  Use your personal phone for personal life only not work.

#12.Buy a large SD card if your old smart phone is capable... Load  it with plenty of movies, and boom it's a mini entertainment system for traveling , great for business trips, or in the hotel on vacation.

#13.Photography, download as many picture editing apps as possible. Insert a Large SD card and use it as a mainstream digital camera.

#14. Take the back off of your phone and run fishing line down the back of the battery. Put the back of the case back on and tie yourself some kind of loop knot to hang the phone from. During the Christmas holiday hang the phone from that fishing line and set the photo gallery to slide show.  use it as a Christmas tree ornament! I know this one is really geeky but actually very neat if you have seen it be done!

There are many tings you can  re-purpose an old smart phone to do for you before you toss it in the recycling can. So before you throw out that old smart phone, go ahead give one of these ideas a try!

This is Eric with Droidology signing out!

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