Monday, March 19, 2012

Need Microsoft office on your tablet ... For free?

Do you own a tablet? Do you wish sometimes you could use Microsoft word, for that paper You have to type really quick in the library? Or maybe your on your couch, and don't have the will to get up and grab the laptop, or sit at the computer? Your problem has been solved, with a single application that is fairly new to the world of tablets. An application called "on live desktop", turns your Android tablet and even Ipad into a full blown windows 7pc...
It's fairly simple and by following a couple steps, you could be all set. First, your going to have to create an Account. Login Google and have them redirect you to Onlive Desktop's web page. With just a couple pieces of your information, email, a created password, birthday and user name your 90% done. The last step is choosing your preference of the account you would like to use. You can either pay for a full access account, or if your like me the free account comes with access to all the office suits as well as 2gigs of cloud storage. This means after you have finished your paper, save it and exit the application. If you need to open that same document on another computer, log into your Onlive desktop account (from any computer you may be at) and you can download your paper straight from your account right on the computer your on. It's beautiful and extremely easy. Once you have chosen your account you would like to use your all set. Now go to your application market from your tablet and download "Onlive Desktop", yes it's free which is the best part about it. After you have downloaded the application, open the app and log into the account you created, boom your done. Onlive desktop should now open up flawlessly, with what will now look like your tablet is running a windows 7 pc desktop interface.

The picture to the right is a screen shot of my tablet running
 "onlive desktop"

You now have access to things like Microsoft word,power points, excel and even a flash player inside of the web browser. For many of you that use an Ipad who by chance are oddly reading this article in an android blog ;0) , this is good news for you who sometimes would Benefit from a flash browser. When you open Onlive Desktop and you want to type a paper you can either connect a Bluetooth keyboard to use, or simply use the touch screen keyboard offered in the interface. I would highly recommend this App to anyone who would benefit from having a full blown office suit whenever and wherever you need one. Go ahead and grab this application, have fun and tell me how you like this in the comment box below!!!!

(i do not own this video , Props to Onlive desktop)

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