Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instagram is in the near future for Android.

According to Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger of "Instagram",  the #1 photography application released in 2010 on the iPhone is on its way to the Android "Google Play" market very soon!
What is Instagram? Instagram is a photo sharing application, filled with retro filters that satisfies the needs of any modern day hipster to be called a photographer.  The Application allows you to take a snapshot then edit that photo by choosing as well as mix and matching many photo filters offered through Instagram. After your picture has been created, you share this photo with the instagram community,Facebook,twitter you name it. The first day of operation in 2010 Instagram had grabbed 25,000 registered users,  within months the team at Instagram was worth over 7 million dollars. The guys at Instagram gave a brief demo of the Android Application at the 2012 SXSW festival, in Austin texas earlier this week. However they did not reveal alot.  We want to know, are you one of the excited people waiting for this heavly used application? or is this just another coffee shop hipster fad?

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