Monday, March 5, 2012

GO Launcher EX & Go SMS Video review!!

If you happened to stumble upon the,  "50 best applications that work for me"  review, I included two applications called, "Go Launcher EX" as well as "Go SMS". When you look for these Apps inside the Android market, they appear like the above icons. As promised, I had said I would do a whole review on the two applications as a beginner tutorial on how Go Launcher and GO SMS function! My personal favorite feature of "Go launcher" are the screen effect settings as I will show you in the videos below, and likewise My favorite feature inside "Go SMS" is "swipe texting" (sorry guys i forgot to include swipe in the review however its outstanding!)
So what do you say, lets get down to the meat and potatoes, enjoy!

(PART 1)
to watch in full screen click here to visit the source

Sorry everyone, the camera only records in 20 minute blocks ... oops... I apologize for the long review but honestly there's so many features in these two apps alone, it would take all day to go through both applications in there entirety. Believe it or not 40 minutes was just an outline, so keep watching review part 2 and have fun discovering the rest of Go Launcher & Go SMS!

(PART 2)

To watch in full screen click here to visit the source.



Shout out to the Developers of Go Launcher & Go SMS, Kudos your work is appreciated keep it up!

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