Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Scramble with friends" ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

If you haven't heard yet,  the German internet entrepreneurs at "Zynga" are at it again.

THIS GAME IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE ANDROID MARKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game creators of "Words With Friends" as well as "Hanging With Friends" have released a game called "Scramble With Friends ". The brand new "Scramble With Friends" is a full fledge game that revolves around the idea of Boggle and has grown rapidly amongst iPhone users . "Scramble With Friends" has been officially available to IOS devices for months now and has became very popular on the iPhone platform.  So in the case you are one of the jealous "gamers" sick of watching your  iPhone buddies play a great game that has not been available to you, well your wait is over. Kudos to the boys and girls at Droidlife.com it's because of you guys Droidology is able to spread the word!!! Yesterday, Zynga released "Scramble with friends" on the android market, unfortunately it hasn't been pushed to America quite yet. Thankfully to our Canook buddies up North, they have been kind enough to send an official leak our way. If you don't feel like waiting for the official USA release of the game from the Google Play market, click the link below and download "Scramble with friends" today!!

 Download \/


(How do i download this?)
In order to download an Application from somewhere other than Google Play, some phones you will have to go into "settings " then "Applications" then select and check the box at the option that will usually say "unknown sources".  This will now allow your device installation of non market Applications! The easiest way to download this game will be from the browser on your phone. If your reading this article from your computer just email yourself the link and open this on your phone to continue.
This will use data to download the game so make sure you have enough to spare for the month.  If your one of the few sprint users on an unlimited data plan, well your good to go ;0) .

(I do not own rights to this video)
(kudos to Igamesview for the upload!)


  1. Please post the file... mediafire removed it... would love to get this!

    1. Steve , i dont know if you saw yet but this game is now available on in Google play!

  2. Sorry buddy it was an exclusive file!!! looks like the location has been removed as i expected it would , if i somehow find a way to the file again i will let you know A.s.a.p Thanks for reading!!!!!!