Monday, March 12, 2012

Even the little green robot craves an apple sometimes

For some time now I myself have been in the market for a tablet.  I made the decision to replace my laptop with something that was convenient to use anywhere at any time with the push of a button. you see, a lot of my time is spent on campus walking from class to class,  sitting in the library,  or browsing the internet over a cup of coffee at the campus Starbucks . Carrying around a full size laptop as lazy as it seems, was just a hassle to find somewhere to sit as well as a flat surface for the laptop. Then you have to open it up , turn it on, load it up & plug it in an outlet if needed. This is where I made the decision to switch to a tablet for fast easy use at anytime, with the ease of the device being extremely light weight to use it on the go but to also to have the full functionality of a computer.
I started to search through the market of course with a budget in mind preferably under $500. As you may expect I read about many many android tablets from many different brands. I was taking notes on things I liked, things I needed,  to features I probably will never use, to the price of the tablet so I could find the best most realistic decision to fit my needs and reason of use.  I didn't just read about these, I went out into the wild  to feel what I actually liked in my hands. Believe it or not there are studies that show the most important aspect of the technology you own, is ergonomics. How the item  feels in your hands,  no matter how many bells and whistles the tablet may have, if it doesn't feel right in your hands you will never connect to the device. For this reason as well as personal interest, I made my way out to test these tablets. I was in search of the greatest value inside a tablet for the best price tag on it.  Weeks had gone by and I still had not found a well rounded tablet I LOVED. I had liked a lot of them but i had not found one i absolutley could not put down. could this be because android is recently new in the tablet market, and no one company has proven to be successful with the android platform on a tablet?  Who knows, maybe so, don't get me wrong  android will one day break a successful stride in this market, however it just hasn't happened yet,  numbers, facts and money do not lie,  Android has not been a success in the tablet field yet. Having said that I was fully aware the Ipad 2 had dropped a hundred dollars since the release of the 2012 "iPad". Weary and unsure I wanted to venture into this,  I decided to take a look. Again I was looking for the greatest VALUE with the best reasonable price tag. When i say "Value" not only am I speaking about the tablet and its features but remember , accessories, cases, available applications for use on your tablet, battery life as well as resale value to a consumer is also very relevant to a tablets true value. At  $399 with the success Apple has had I decided to take a look at the Ipad 2. As soon as it had touched my hands it just felt right , it was light, very sleek and extremely handsome to look at. I was off to a good start, as a matter of fact only two android tablets had the feel and looks that came close  to this, both were more costly than the Ipad2.  Round 1 apple had won in it's price tag, ergonomics and the feel in my hand. when I had gone out in the wild  testing the fluid response of touch screens as well as how fast applications had responded & browser speed. I also was interested in the Speaker quality as well as mic & front camera quality with Skype in mind.  In each  android tablet I tested , and I tested a lot of them, not one android tablet had a well rounded quality to ALL of those features. If the camera was great, the speaker and or mic lacked, or vise versa.  Again the Ipad had won in my opinion. The next thing I was interested in was display and battery life,  as much as you read about high resolutions the numbers really don't matter until you are looking at the displays yourself with your own eyes, because in the end it's what looks good to you.   Having said that the Retna display Apple uses on the Ipad is beautiful and vibrant. The battery Apple uses in the Ipad2 is ridiculous rated at 6944 MAH, for those of you that don't know what that means, well it lasts a long time! The last thing I looked at was the availability of products, accessories, cases and lastly working applications available for the tablets.  The number of items to partner with the Ipad as accessories was unbelievable as well as the amount of cases i could choose from. Because Apple had given birth to the first true successful TABLET, the amount of developers and applications they already have available for the Ipad is much greater than any android TABLET on the market thus far. Remember Apps are developmentally specific, the android market is very big however , Applications need to be developed to work on tablets, this means yes their are A lot of Apps available however the majority have been developed for phones only. So many of these Apps will not run and are not available to the Android tablets thus far.  Having said all this I am not jumping ship on the android platform believe me, but for my taste of full functionality and absolute best VALUE money can buy for a TABLET the Ipad pretty much sells itself. Be aware $400 dollars is a lot of money to make a narrow decision on the android platform alone.  A tablet is a whole different animal than a cellphone and I would advise anyone never to discriminate between platform operating systems when looking for a tablet. Instead  buy into the greatest VALUE available for the money your about to fork over, not the brand, make, model or operating system. Again a tablet is a whole new beast compared to a cell phone & In my opinion research and first hand use is the most important decision.  $400 is a lot of money to make a lousy uneducated decision when buying anything.  And their it was, the best best price tag and true absolute value under $500 for a tablet that fit all of MY needs.

The Ipad 2.

Being an android addict, at first it left a sour taste in my own mouth but the after taste was sweet, very sweet, like a granny smith Apple... Funny how that works out ;0).

 Again I am not jumping ship on Android, I stand firm on my beliefs in the power of Android and will always use an Android device as my phone. However like I have said many times over, a tablet in the terms of functionality is a much different animal than a phone. The operating system make and model should never be discriminated against when looking for a tablet , even Windows makes a great tablet however it's very pricey. For my needs this fit my price range and satisfied my main usage to the best ability. This article has no intent to sell you an Ipad but to describe my journey to find a tablet that suits me best. 

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