Monday, March 12, 2012

Awaiting an upgrade on US Cellular? Droidology recommends the newest member to us cellular, the Galaxy S II

If you have been waiting for your upgrade at US Cellular you may want to think about the Galaxy S II.
  The ever popular 1.2 ghz dual core Exynos  CPU powering the ultra light device drives every task on this phone with ease.  The camera on the Galaxy S II is a fan favorite,  it's very powerful 8 megapixel camera with LED flash,  & it takes extremely beautiful pictures with vibrant quality.  Samsung includes their touchwiz user interface ontop of the android gingerbread OS. This coupling delivers a very rich & pleasing experience.  Samsungs Touch Wiz UI goes hand in hand while staring at a gorgeous 4.3 inch scratch resistant gorilla glass  super amoled plus display. If you have never seen a super amoled plus display believe me when i tell you, it's kind of like the matrix, you have to see if for yourself! The Galaxy S II, comes with a micro SD slot for extra memory up to 32 giggs if your a storage freak! This phone will hang with The best of them through all of 2012, so if your worried about buying a 2011 device in 2012, no worries this phone does extremely well taking on any task you may throw at it!  The Galaxy S II is available on your network marked at $229.99 after a $100  mail in rebate after signing a new two year agreement! However if you decide to wait a couple months to see if US Cellular will be getting any of the new devices seen at MWC 2012 , (mobile world conference) , well thats completely understandable and totally up to you. Furthermore if you cannot wait and must upgrade immediately this will be a great choice and you won't be let down!

Will you be grabbing a new Galaxy S II???

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