Monday, March 26, 2012

AT&T gets Nokia Lumia900 April 8th. The price cannot be beat.

The Finnish cell phone company, Nokia, has announced they will drop their newest windows phone to the AT&T April 8th.
The Nokia smart phone will be sporting two different colors, black and blue. For those who have interest in the windows OS on their phone as well as a great price this device may be for you, it's made with decent technology and a great price tag. The Nokia device has the name "Lumia 900" stamped on the box. It's made with a very chic look that goes nicely with the windows OS on its 4.3 inch Amoled display. The Lumia 900, will get it's wheels rollin with a single core 1.4 GHZ CPU, and 512 MB of ram to open and run applications. Nokia's goal was to make a great smart phone for 2012 that didn't break the bank. With a budget friendly consumer crowd in mind, especially with how precious crude oil is today, it may explain the Nokia's choice To build this device using average technology under the hood in order to compensate for a greta price tag. However, Nokia had one aspect in mind to sell this phone to those on a friendly budget. Nokia packs a punch in the rear camera strength, at 8 megapixels this phone will have a similar quality in the camera that you may find in a, Galaxy s II or HTC Amaze, which says a lot for this budget friendly smart phone. For those of you that don't mind less then spectacular components under the hood, and can live with the windows operating system, this phone may be up your alley For $99, with a new contract or upgrade and agreement of two more years. Droidology would say the impressive camera, large Amoled display pretty much sells itself, even though this budget friendly phone is a single core CPU, it's speed is impressively clocked at 1.4 GHZ, and for the average phone user Droidology doesnt suspect you will have any significant problems using this device.

We want to know will you be interested in this device???? Leave comments!!

Eric with Droidology signing out.

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