Sunday, February 19, 2012

Technology Terms

As I post blogs, many people will come accross abbreviations or nerd lingo. If your curious to have a deeper understanding of what I am talking about, I hope this clears things up. I will leave this blog as a place people can refer back to and understand what the abbreviations mean in full context.

UI -user interface
Cdma -  code division multiple access
Wimax -world wide interoperability  for microwave access
LTE-long term evolution
GSM - global system for mobile communication
CPU - central processing unit
Gpu - graphics processing unit
Ips - in plain switching
OS - operating system
NFC- near field communication
Gigg,GB,G- (all the same thing) - Gigabyte
MB,Meg, M- Megabyte
ICS- Ice cream sandwich (its the name of the OS!) 
Android 2.3- Gingerbread OS
android HC- Honey comb
rom - read only memory
I'll come back in time and improve the  list. Until then, leave comments on terms your not sure of!  I'll do the best I can to define and make sense of the abbreviation, thanks!

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