Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nvidia promises better battery & insane performance in 2012

It's just two weeks before the 'World Mobile Conference ' and anticipation for NVIDIA's newest mobile processor is at an all-time high. The  name of the newest Tegra 3 quad core? It has gone by a couple code names such as, "companion core" or "ninja core". Today, Nvidia refers to this chip set formally as their 4+1 cpu.  Let me explain this in it's entirety in simplest  terms possible.  future phones running the Tegra 3 quad core, will be powered more efficiently than ever.
The idea of 4+1 means the processor actually has 5 solid cores. Fore Example \/

The 4 main GPU'S  will concentrate on battling intensive demanding applications, for example video games, video editing ect...  The 5th core or "Ninja core" will be low powerd and reserved for ONLY lightweight tasks. In example: music,watching videos, turning phone on & off aswell as standby.  Essentially the 5TH core will be extremely effective And efficient on extending battery life! This is all great news, ultimatley if your doing simple things day to day, like texting and the occasional Google search, chances are your phone will ONLY use it's 5th core. Keep in mind, core five does not take much power to run in the first place so battery life should be a breeze for the 4+1 CPU. Having said that, we all see how well dual core processors  power phones today. Just imagine,   high powerd quad cores with a ULP  reserved core running  the phones of tomorrow!!!
I cannot wait how about you?

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