Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 gig Nook hits the market.

Good news for those of you that rather kickback with a Nook tablet,
instead of that pesky kindle fire! The new 8 gig Nook tab is now priced at $199.99, and if that's what you've been waiting for, well your prayers have been answered!
Infact, the 8GB Nook has the same exact features as the 16 GB! the 8GB just has a smaller HD and 512mb RAM instead of 1 gig.
For all you hackers looking for a cheap tablet to root,  your in luck the Nook tablet and Nook color both can be rooted for use of any rom or mod  you like, so go ahead & turn your Nook into a full fledge android tab experience for cheap! 
Happy hacking!
In other news nook color gets dropped to 169.99, also the company says something big may be coming. Will they release a revamped,overhauled Nook? Or are they planning a full sized android tablet to steal sales from Apples Ipad 3???
All this noise made by Nook makes me wonder...  Are they just trying to battle the kindle for sales?  Or is this an investment made out of despair? Is Nook setting themselves up for success? Or saving themselves from disaster??? Your thoughts? Please leave comments!!!!

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  1. Great review Eric , I may look at one these buggers myself!