Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nexus S 4G- review

Hi everyone! I am very excited for my first blog post so lets get right into it! I'm going to review the Nexus S 4G by Samsung, which is the handset that I currently own! Lets get down to it!
The Nexus S 4G, is the big brother to T-mobile's, Nexus S, which is available on T-mobiles 3g Network. The Nexus S 4G however was Released on Sprints 4g Wimax network. Lets take a look what's under the hood! This handset makes for a great entry level android phone running android's 2.3.7 Gingerbread, hey a step up at the time from the old FROYO ...Gingerbread was all the rage when this was fresh on the market! The reason I bought this phone was mainly for the CPU and the vanilla android experience, because I am an android purist. A vanilla experience means  the Samsung Nexus S 4G comes out of the box with no bloat-ware, no bells and whistles, nothing. The phone comes with the OS built on the device and that's it, all the applications,widgets and customisations will have to be put on the phone yourself! The vanilla android experience comes simply a clean slate with close to nothing on the device straight from the carrier or manufacture itself. Back to the CPU!  when I first got this bad boy the  processor was among the new kids on the block, sporting its exynos 1GHZ cortex A8 or code name "hummingbird" processor. The only thing that drags this down is the 4G has a less than spectacular 512MB of ram... yea I know....However this little phone packs a 16 gigg hard drive for storage. The phone runs smoothly with this CPU under the hood, even in high data applications like Google Earth panning in and out. The 4 inch SUPER amoled display that comes stock on the device,and believe me it looks beautiful! Lets compare this by some random picks...My mom owns The Iphone 4S and my sister has the old faithful HTC EVO, responsible for putting Android on the map, god bless it. Anyhow the super Amoled display has a resolution of 480x800. I would have to say in my opinion, the colors are much deeper and a lot richer on the Nexus S 4G than the  HTC EVO. However the Iphone4S still has a beautiful retna display at that. The camera on the Nexus S 4G is okay but not fantastic. Having said this, for what it does it will work just fine and gets the job done. The Rear camera is a 5 megapixel cam that comes with a rear flash, which I do enjoy, especially doubling as a flash light as you fumble with your keys at night! however the time it takes for the camera application to load is very slow! The front camera is nothing to boast about, if your not in perfect sunlight for that self portrait or myspace pic, for some reason the photo more than likely turns out with a yellowish tint.  So if your main use for a handset is Skype, well this is not the phone for you! Like any other Android phone, or any phone for that matter, the battery life is less than amazing but it does a better job than most phones from it's time. Out of the box Samsung rates this device at 6 hours of talk time and 428 on standby! If your a heavy phone user I would say I suggest an extra battery or a charger in your pocket at all times! The nexus S comes with a slight natural curve to the device giving it a more natural feel on the face when talking on the device. Software that come built on the phone: googles voice recognition,GPS,bluetooth,wifi, wifi-hotspot (never works),  and the ever famous NFC chip for the win! the big seller on this device was the NFC chip or near field communication. This is the technology that goes hand it hand with Google wallet, no more carrying credit cards, let your phone take care of all of that! To wrap things up here, for an entry level smart phone from Samsung built with Google, it does have its minor imperfections, however I have been very happy with the device. It has a sleek body design, feels good in the hands and surfs the Internet with ease... Oh yea the phone supports flash! x-). The customisations have no limit with the power of android! I would grade it B+. PASS.


  1. Great review! Tells me everything I need to know. Official commercial is horrible though. Looks more like a shoe commercial than one for a phone! Thanks for the info!

    1. Your welcome!!! Make sure to stop by in the future more reviews an VS battles between devices to come!!! My next blog when I have time later today will be Tablets for those on a budget, battling it out for the best option! your comments are very appreciated thank you and remember to let me know if you want a review done on a specific item, I'll be sure to break it down for you! Thanks!