Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally a weight loss App focused on you

As I stumbled upon "Noom weight loss" Application in Android's market, I was sceptic about it as I am all caloric counting weight loss Apps. Most of these applications can become obsessive and downright unhealthy. I have used many applications that demanded you to enter everything you ate and the time you ate it, down to the last calorie you ingested that day. Many of these Apps have lists of food built inside the application and or different exercise to choose from. But with Noom you get a little more freedom to keep track of your progress.

That's the main reason I was intrigued, many of these Apps tell you they will "make you lose weight" but lets be honest, the only thing that makes you lose weight is yourself. I believe what makes this program a great experience is, rather than an  application telling you what to do, and when to do it, you enter your OWN goals and the application keeps up with you! it's very simple and easy to use, Noom starts out by asking you the necessity questions in example, "how much do you weigh" "how old are you" "what's your goal weight loss" Ect... After the immediate set up is through, it's followed by a menu that consists of Monday through Sunday. On this menu you will select each day and input the type of workout YOU want to accomplish. After you have set up your whole week it will monitor how well you have done! Who knows maybe after you get organised it will be much easier to get started consistently being healthy! Essentially the food portion or caloric portion of this application works just like I said, around you and how you want it to work! Most applications count calories to the extent of the exact foods you digested within your diet. Noom rather is more interested what time you have eaten and what kind of meal you ate. For example, you will enter, "was it a light portion?" "was it a medium portion?" or "was it a heavy portion?".  These questions will be followed by, "was it high in calories", "was it medium in calories"  or "was it low in calories?".  That's it, simple as that. Rather than working to meet the demands of the application, like almost every weight loss Application on the market, Noom takes a different route.  Noom has created a fitness App that works with you and how you want it to work! Ultimately Noom is more of a tool to organise your health and fitness lifestyle, while maintaining your goals visually. My personal favorite function of this App is the GPS work out trainer! When you go outside to run, it turns on your GPS with google maps and traces your run wherever you have gone!! This is a feature very seldom health applications have embarked on! One more cool portion included inside the application, is a button directly on the interface of the App that says forum. Whenever your feeling down and in need of motivation click on the forum and get a lot of advice and help from others just like you!  That makes Noom extremely unique, rather than the common built in health trainer, you get advice from common people who are focused on reaching a goal, just like you! The reason why I found Noom  instantly different, is Noom focuses on you and your life, rather than you transforming your life to fit inside of an application. And that's truly a healthy change of pace! 
Check out Noom for yourself in the video below, Enjoy!

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