Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50 best Android Apps/Widgets that have worked for me.

Hey everyone! I know that feeling while laying  in bed before getting some sleep and looking around on your phone at things you have seen 1,000 times over. How about bathroom?  Admit it, everyone takes there smart phone in the bathroom! Maybe your even in class... I mean .... what? Anyway, everyone is always looking for their next favorite application to waste time on or make life a little easier.
Here is a list and short description of 50 of my favorite Apps/Widgets that I have found to work the best for me. I hope you find this useful and maybe you find a thing or two that you like. all of these apps/widgets can be found on the Android market! Without further ado lets get to the list.

***(this list is not in anyway organised alphabetically, ranked from best to worst or vice versa or organised by category )***

Amazon kindle App- If you like to read, this app will work great on your phone! convenient for those long waits at the Dr. Office, In the bathroom or that long wait in between classes! I like the kindle App because I'm a fan of Amazons book store! however there are many E-reader Apps, I Personally find this to be my favorite one.

9 innings baseball: If your looking for a baseball game App on android this is it! It's a full functioning baseball game. You can choose your pitches, your pitching  locations, pick off bases (pitcher &catcher), steal bases, control where all your guys throw ect... this game is awesome if your looking for a baseball game! oh yea all rosters are real and update regularly!! thanks Com2uS!!

 Home run battle 3d free: This game is one of the most addicting games on my phone! Have a home run derby on your free time and jack home runs when your bored.

Speek to it Assistant: Have you seen Siri for Iphone? This App is just as good... Actually it may give Siri a run for her money. The only difference is, speek to it most likely will not tell you where to hide a dead body, shame on you siri!!! haha ;0). Just try it out for yourself you can personalise the voice and look of your assistant aswell!
Blip.me: Blip me turns your phone into a walkie talkie. Blip.me is great and its a wholelot of fun, you can also start group conversations with all your friends at once as if your in a chat-room talking amongst yourselves! Me and my close friends use this daily.

Chase: chase bank did a real good job with their application as well as the snap a picture and deposit function! If you have chase this should be a must have!

Google Currents: This application is like having a magazine reader for free on your phone. News in magazine article form on your cell phone , check it out its pretty cool!

Flashlight: seriously this may be one of the most used apps I own! For the moments fumbling with your keys at night, looking for things under your bed or just any time your in need of a flash light.. well now you have one on your phone...that is if you have an LED flash on your camera.

Gasbuddy: Whats better than knowing where the cheapest gas in the area is when in need of filling up your tank. It's simple as that.

Crackle: Crackle is an application that streams MOVIES  & TV SERIES... FOR FREE! Check it out for yourself!

Pandora: Brought to you by pandora radio, get free radio streaming to your phone.

wheres my Droid: Ready? Here's one that will blow your mind... Ever lost your phone in your house while its on silent?? Have no fear, Wheres my droid is here! It's simple, if your phone is on silent or vibrate, grab someone elses phone and simply send yourself a text messege that says "wheres my droid"  boom! The application turns on your ringer so you can find your phone! After you find your phone your phone returns to the state it was in.

Inkpad notepad: Works great for your to do lists or just taking notes. This App also syncs with an online website so you can find your notes online aswell.

Zedge: Need help finding  ring tones? Looking for a new Notification sound? Maybe a wallpaper? Zedge is your app.

Keyring: Get rid of all those loyalty cards in your wallet taking up space!! Keyring lets you store your loyalty cards on your phone. These loyalty cards are scannable on your phone at the register as well!

Flixter: find local movies in your area. Buy movie tickets, search upcoming movies and find trailers! This is one cool movie App with ratings and all!

Aliens Invasion: This game is awsome! Whats better than shooting aliens with all sorts of guns and hacking into them with an axe?

Doodle jump: Unfortunately this game cost 99 cents. This simple game is very addicting! 

Facebook,Twitter,Google+ : Do I have to explain?

Free Running: This game is super addictive! Jump over blocks on the ground and duck under the ones floating in the air. The catch? You cant stop your character! He is constantly running and gets faster with the progress you make.

Words with friends & Hanging with friends: Need I say more ? Zynga scored on these apps!

Sims Freeplay: This App is brand new to the android market! Sims for Android!

Dream Zoo: A new game by Zynga!!! Create your own zoo and breed unique animals! So far very fun!

Paper Toss: who knew tossing trash in the can was so fun. The catch? You have to find a way to score in the basket with the fan blowing towards the can! Hard to explain, I guess you may have to try this one out yourself!

Talkingtom2: its downright hilarious to here this little guy mock everything you say!

Unblock me: can you find a way to move out the red block??? give it a try. More addicting than you think... I PROMISE!

Uno: Please don't make me explain this one... Instant classic.

Cut the rope: This may be my favorite game! Try and get all three stars and the candy in his mouth!!!

Raging thunder: this is a classic racing game for android!

Photo funia: this is a GREAT picture editor!!!

Picsay: another great photo editor!

Be Funky: another fun photo editor!!

Go Launcher EX and Go SMS pro: I'm going to do a full review on these two soon! If you want to go ahead and learn how to use these, more power to you! These two applications will be the most powerful Apps to give your phone a makeover!!

Make me Old: this App does exaclty what it says it does!!! works great too!

Phone locator: If you set this up right to boot at start up and you let it connect with your GPS you can track down your stolen phone! I dont know if this works yet because my phone has yet to be stolen...knock on wood. but if it does, what a life saver.
Skype: video chat with skype.

Google Skymap: download this App, hold your phone above your head and look at your display!

This will be a short list of useful widgets!!!

Mobile Buzz, Tech Buzz, Sports Buzz: Great widgets that sit on your screen. They constantly update all the time with the newest information to keep you up to date !!! I use these widgets more than many Apps on my phone!

Score Mobile: The best widget keeping control of ALL the scores of the games on that day!

Weather bug Elite: The absolute best weather widget on the market, however it will cost you $1.99.

IMBD: Keep up with movie news, television news as well as celebrities!
Find movie times & read reviews, the works!

You tube: shall I explain any further?

ABC news widget: great for headlines and breaking news rolling across your screen!

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